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by Barney Phife at 9:22 PM (502 Views / 8 Likes)21 Comments
Scamming and Robbing
This topic is here to clarify the scamming and robbing rules. This is often misunderstood and harms many players who have fallen for people's out of character scams. These rule has also been adjusted.

Scamming is when you offer a service or product to another player for a price. Once you have received the payment, you do not deliver your end of the deal.

The following quote is from our rules page:
You must be level 8 or above to scam another player and they must also be at least level 8. Anyone...
by Barney Phife at 8:48 PM (501 Views / 11 Likes)24 Comments
Recently several Lawless Roleplay community members have fallen victim to phishing attacks. These are emails, websites or people that ask you to reply with your username and password “due to account maintenance”, “free donations”, or ask you to go to a non-Lawless website and to log in.

Please remember that no legitimate source will ever ask for your username and password, ever. 
No admin will EVER need your password for anything.

When the hackers had usernames and passwords they then logged in and stole user’s accounts. Players have been contacting us that they were promised "free donations", or it was "an admin". Just remember, we will never need your password.

Your security is very important to us, your password is fully encrypted and not accessible to the outside world.

Server Management
by Lilly at 10:37 AM (307 Views / 8 Likes)22 Comments
Good morning (or evening) gangsters,
The server has been temporarily shut down for maintenance by the server host due to a security concern found within the servers. This is not unique to Lawless and most servers that are using the same host will/are suffering the same issues. We do not expect this issue to exceed any more than 30 minutes, however it is a possibility the maintenance could take longer. Here is the email as Barney received it from our host:

Due to a recently identified serious security concern, we will need to reboot most of the machines hosting our dedicated servers early on September 30. These reboots will begin at 11pm PDT / midnight MDT / 1am CDT / 2am EDT / 08:00 CEST, occurring at different times for each timezone as we handle them individually (starting with our Frankfurt machines and then moving west to the NYC machines and so on)....
by Barney Phife at 5:21 PM (2,167 Views / 31 Likes)97 Comments

UPDATE 1.2.566!

A truly great community is ultimately defined by the integration of it's members and ability. This is one of our most integrated updates ever. Every single component, every process has been considered and measured to make sure that it is truly useful and actually enhances the user’s interaction. This care, this consideration, extends on how we protect the fundamental mission statement of Lawless Roleplay.

This update was entirely designed and orchestrated by the entire community. A roleplay server for the players, by the players. You can find many suggestions, bug fixes and new features introduced was your ideas posted in the suggestions forums.

Our mission statement to you...
Lawless Roleplay is, and always, will be a community first and a game server second. We are dedicated to fostering an environment with a member-centric approach where all players...
by Vinninho at 9:39 PM (1,264 Views / 22 Likes)66 Comments


Beloved community member,

Today we intended to release an update, but unfortunately there were some technical errors which caused our beloved update to get delayed. However don't be scared, the update will be released soon and we can assure you lag shooting will be implemented. Lawless was intended to be ran by the players, not the administrative team, hence we listened to you and decided to implement lag shooting. For the players, by the players monitored by the administrative team.

Now you might wonder when we are going to implement the update, well... That's an easy one. The update is ready to launch, but we want to celebrate together so we decided to release the update on 
23th of September at 2 PM, GMT +1 (14.00, Amsterdam(Click here to see how late it is in your city at that...

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